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Door Repairs

We have significant experience in carrying out door repairs throughout Plymouth and the nearby areas. Therefore, you can rely on us to ensure your aluminium, composite or uPVC door is secure and hardwearing. Whether you would like your door repaired or a lock replacement, our proficient team work with precision to resolve issues effectively. Speedy repairs are essential to ensure that your property, occupants and possessions are protected from unwanted visitors and theft. The safety of our customers is our priority, so we always perform repairs to the highest of standards, using top quality replacement parts. If you need a cat flap installed, this is also a service we can offer.

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Door Lock Repairs

We can perform door lock repairs to ensure good accessibility and keep your home secure. Whether the lock does not rotate easily, or your key has snapped in the lock, we can carry out the necessary repairs. No matter how complex you suspect the repair might be, you can have confidence that we can repair it with ease.

Affordable Door Repair Service

If you would like an affordable door repair service, look no further than West Country Window & Door Maintenance. Whether you feel a breeze entering your property from your door edges or the handle does not operate correctly, we can resolve the issue. Our experts can make sure your doors have the required insulative ability and can cope with harsh weather. 

Just a few areas of the door we can fix include the safety chain, hinges and handles. We can also replace broken letter plates. No matter if you have an aluminium or uPVC door, we have the skills necessary to expertly repair and maintain it.

Want to get a cat flap but are concerned about security and cold air entering your property? Never fear. We can install cat flaps to doors, while maintaining its insulative properties, in a position that ensures security is not compromised.

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